Quarantine Travel 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The government has mandated a 14-day quarantine period for families and students travelling from outside of Canada. We realize it is not an ideal scenario for our students to start the year but we are committed to providing the best possible experience given the circumstances. For those of you travelling as a family we strongly recommend that our students spend this quarantine in British Columbia as close to the School as possible.

Please note - Students must begin their 14-day quarantine no later than Monday, August 24th to ensure their arrival on campus for September 8th.

So whether you are quarantining as a family, quarantining with extended family/friends or taking part in the Brentwood Quarantine Program, students need to be in quarantine on Monday, August 24th

Quarantine Options for Students Travelling to Canada

There are several options for our families to achieve the quarantine criteria and we ask that you please choose ONE of the options listed below so we can prepare for your arrival in the fall.

PLEASE NOTE - The cut off date for the Brentwood Quarantine Plan in Friday, July 17th - 12pm PDT.

Option 1 - Family Travel And Quarantine

This option is for families who will be accompanying their student(s) for their arrival in BC, quarantine and subsequent travel to the School. This means families will be responsible for organizing their own accommodations for the 14-day quarantine period and travel to the School.

Option 2 - Quarantine with Family or Friends

This option is for families who are able to arrange accommodation with extended family or perhaps Brentwood friends for students travelling on their own.

Option 3 - Brentwood Quarantine Program

This option is for our families knowing that not all of you will be travelling with your student(s). Brentwood has partnered with a local hotel to enable all our unaccompanied students travelling to Canada to meet the quarantine criteria under the supervision of the School. At this location, each of these students will be in their own room as part of the entire Brentwood quarantine group. To support our students Brentwood chaperones (male and female) will be present at all times and the School will provide limited programming on a daily basis. The care, safety, and wellness of your child(ren) are our priorities. Please know that once your child(ren) arrives to us, they will be immediately embraced by the Brentwood family and will be thoroughly guided during every step of their 14-day quarantine period.

For more information please contact Deputy Head, Student Life - Liam Sullivan (liam.sullivan@brentwood.ca)

Quarantine Travel Checklist:

Travel documents (Please print these and be sure your student has them when travelling)

    1. Passport
    2. Student Visa (where applicable)
    3. Quarantine Plan Travel Letter from Deputy Head of School, Mr Sullivan
    4. BC Government Self-Isolation Plan
    5. Custodial agreement signed by Head of School, Mr Patel



  • All students must travel with their own mask and follow individual airline Covid-19 protocols.
  • Airports request that face coverings be worn at all times when in the public areas of the terminal, follow all dedicated traffic flow through the airport and respect physical distancing measures.
  • All travel must be booked so students can start their 14-day quarantine period on Monday, August 24th to ensure arrival on campus for Orientation.


  • Where possible, please book through tickets from home airport destination to the Victoria International Airport, YYJ. Tickets booked as through tickets have the entire travel arrangement on the same issued airline ticket and usually boarding passes for all legs of travel are issued at check-in with luggage checked through to the final destination. E.g. (Hong Kong to Vancouver, change planes from Vancouver to Victoria. Luggage will need to be collected at Canadian point of entry to clear customs but can be dropped on the luggage belt for continuing flights).
  • Students traveling via the Vancouver International Airport may transfer on connecting flights to the Victoria International Airport as long as they remain in the secured area of the Vancouver Airport and are on a through ticket as detailed above. Students may not exit into the Main Terminal for any reason unless Vancouver is their final destination (not able to book a through ticket to the Victoria International Airport).
  • Should you be unable to book a through ticket directly to the Victoria Airport due to limited flights, unaccompanied minor restrictions or non-affiliated airline choices, please contact Liam Sullivan to make alternate arrangements, which may include taxi and ferry.
  • Should your child be a minor (please check with the airlines you are booking with to see rules and guidelines surrounding unaccompanied minors), parents will be allowed to accompany their child to Canada, provided they possess an eTA (https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/visit-canada/eta/facts.html) or TRV (Temporary Resident Visa) for travel into Canada as per Canadian Border Services.
  • Parents must have a Self-Isolation Plan. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/latest-travel-health-advice.html - ua
  • Please download the Canada Border Agency Services ArriveCAN app (Apple or Google store) to complete mandatory contact information for the Public Health Agency of Canada, upon entering Canada. https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/travel-voyage/edeclaration-eng.html
  • Upon arrival at the Victoria International Airport, students will enter the Main Terminal, collect their luggage from the carousel and exit through the doors closest to the baggage collection area where they will be met by a Brentwood driver who will have Brentwood signage for easy recognition.
  • Our Transport team is prohibited from entering the Victoria Terminal to greet your child during Covid-19 airport restrictions, so students must make their way outside.
  • Transportation will be arranged for students to be picked up at the Victoria International Airport to take them to the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel. Transportation will also be arranged for students from hotel to Campus after the quarantine is finished.
  • Students must handle their own luggage and our Drivers will direct students to our buses for transport to the Hotel. All students must have their own mask for travel on our buses, they must sanitize their hands before entry and will be directed by our drivers where to sit once they board any of our vehicles (seating areas will be clearly marked).

*NOTE: Brentwood College School is governed by all Federal and Provincial Covid-19 restrictions, and current guidelines for travel can change daily. Please ensure you are familiar with all airline policies, cancelation rules, and unaccompanied minor provisions prior to booking travel for your child.