Weekend Leave

Weekend Leave

Parents can request weekend leave through the House Parents. The cut off for weekend leave is the Wednesday before the weekend. Weekend leave begins after classes, sports and other School commitments on Saturday and return to Campus is by 10:00 pm (PST) on Sunday. Weekend Leave typically enables boarding students to visit family and friends in the area.

The school will provide transportation for weekend leave to the ferry (alternating between Swartz Bay and Departure Bay). Students will be billed $20 each direction for transportation from the list created on Thursday morning. Students are responsible for paying for their ferry ticket (additional $20).

If a request for weekend leave comes in after Wednesday at midnight, parents/students will be responsible for arranging their own transportation and paying the fees.

Weekend leave begins - To Be Determined. Brentwood will provide transportation for the following dates and times: To Be Determined.

Swartz Bay (Victoria)

Leave at 5:00 pm for 7:00 pm sailing

Return on 7:00 pm sailing

Departure Bay (Nanaimo)

Leave at 6:45 pm for 8:45 pm sailing

Return on 6:35 pm sailing

  • Leave and Return Times TBD via BC Ferries