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You will receive reminders via MySchool throughout the year to let you know about upcoming breaks and to enter your child’s travel into the MySchool Travel System.

PLEASE NOTE - At this time, we are waiting for direction from government agencies in regard to the arrival of international students for the beginning of the 2021-22 school year in September. Once we have been provided with directions regarding any quarantine measures we will communicate with our families.

School Major Dates and Leave Calendars can be found here:

Please login to MySchool (, and click Travel System on the left hand navigation to enter your travel details.

**Before booking your child's flights throughout the year, please check with their coaches for tours/tournaments/training over the breaks. This will avoid changing flights and extra charges from the airlines****Bicycles need to be approved by the Transportation Department before a leave/return to ensure room on the buses.**


Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we approach the upcoming school year we anticipate the possibility of more changes to the international travel and quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated travelers into Canada, and will update our families as we have more information.

Below you will see the most up to date information we have been given by the federal government:

  • Beginning July 5, *fully vaccinated travellers, with the right of entry to Canada, will no longer be subject to the Federal requirement of quarantine, or the requirement to go into a 3-day CD government-hotel quarantine stays, or to submit a Day 8 COVID-19 test.

  • If you meet the requirements for fully vaccinated travellers to Canada AND you have a valid study permit to attend an approved Designated Learning Institution (Brentwood qualifies), you may be exempt from quarantine requirements.

  • Fully vaccinated travellers will still need to complete both pre and on-arrival COVID-19 testing.

  • Travellers must submit their vaccination information through the ArriveCan app, before arriving at the Canadian border, and bring the original documents, certified vaccination documents and translated versions to present to Canadian Border Security Agent (CBSA) officers.

  • At this time, for not fully vaccinated travellers, there are no changes to current quarantine measures.

*Being fully vaccinated currently means that a person has both shots of one of the approved vaccines for Canada. ( Pfizer, Moderna, Astra-Zeneca, Johnson and Johnson).

More travel information can be found here:

International Students -

US Students -

Arrival & Quarantine

These changes will impact the planning and arrival of some of our students and families and we are thankful that fully vaccinated students will not be subjected to the 14 day quarantine as we experienced last year.

For students who are not yet vaccinated, we will continue to offer a quarantine hotel option that will begin the 24th of August.

Please use the link below to access our information gathering form so that we can plan accordingly for the arrival and participation for students to be part of the Brentwood Quarantine Plan for August 2021 -


Please Note - Non-Canadian families, the Canadian Government has posted that study permit applications need to be submitted by May 15th for processing to be complete in time for September.

If your complete study permit application is received by May 15, 2021, you’ll get a decision by August 6, 2021, in time to attend the fall semester. If you submit a complete application after May 15, 2021, they will process it as quickly as possible—but you may not get a final decision before the fall semester begins.

2021/2022 Travel Dates Of Note:

Please note - Dates of leaves may be subject to change depending on the current pandemic situation. We do not anticipate a mandatory quarantine period before student arrival on campus but we will take direction from our local health authorities in this regard. Families will be notified of any changes to these details. Please see the Leave Dates document on our files page HERE

Orientation 2021 (September 6 - 9) – staggered arrivals

  • ALL NEW STUDENTS DAY & BOARDING - Tuesday, Sept. 7

  • GRADE 12 BOARDERS - Wednesday, Sept. 8

  • ALL RETURNING STUDENTS - Thursday, Sept. 9th

Thanksgiving 2021 (October 8 - 11) – classes until 1:00 pm on the 8th

November Midterm Break 2021 (November 11 - 16) – early morning departure

Winter Break 2021-22 (December 17 - January 10, 2022) – early morning departure

The Brentwood travel portal will close the SUNDAY before a leave, any travel requests or changes after this date will have to be arranged by the student/parents. These are alternate transportation companies the school recommends:

Encore Car Service - 250-710-3927

Beaton’s Meet & Greet - 250-580-5455

Yellow Cab Taxi - 250-381-2222

Cobble Hill Taxi - 250-743-5555

Early Leave or Late Return Requests / Travel Outside of a Break

Requests for travel outside of a break must be submitted to the House Parents for approval. In the event the request is approved, the school will provide transportation, if available (charge applicable). If school transportation is not available, the student/parents will be notified and will be responsible for booking and paying for their transportation.

**It is the students responsibility to arrive on time for their departure**

Leave Times

Once the travel portal has closed, and buses have been assigned, the leave times will be updated in MySchool. The leave time is the time the bus will depart from Crooks Hall - students must arrive 15 minutes early to ensure the bus departs on time. If a student is unsure of their leave time they can contact Brentwood Reception to confirm (250-743-5521).

For early morning departures, on a scheduled leave, students must sign out with staff members in the lobby of Crooks Hall 15 minutes before the scheduled leave time. RFA's will be on duty starting at 2:30 am to ensure students make their bus.

**The bus cannot wait for late passengers**

If a student's name is on the list and they do not show up or communicate, they will be charged for the trip.

The school will not provide transportation to locations not listed on break pages and this will need to be arranged by student/parents.

Unaccompanied Minors

Students traveling as unaccompanied minors will require a Brentwood staff member to assume responsibility for them at the airport. The staff member is required to stay and wait at the airport until the plane has taken off. There is an additional hourly cost of $25 / hour for this service. Please check with the airline before travel.

Student Charges

  • No Charge for regular scheduled leave day and time - to Victoria Airport, Nanaimo or Victoria Ferry Terminals, or Harbour Air.

  • Ferry ticket $15

  • Approved early leave/late return or travel outside of a break - $85 one way to Victoria Harbour, $100 one way to Victoria Swartz Bay, Victoria Airport, Nanaimo Departure Bay.

  • Taxi to Victoria airport & Swartz Bay (Victoria) ferry - approximately $145-$170 - this charge is the students responsibility.

  • Taxi to Departure Bay (Nanaimo) ferry - approximately $170-$200 - this charge is the students responsibility.

  • Encore Car Service - $157.50 to Airport/Ferry (Victoria or Nanaimo) - this charge is the students responsibility and will be charged to the students account.

  • If a student's name is on the bus list and they do not show up or communicate, they will be charged for the trip.

  • Students traveling home with extra luggage are responsible to check and pay for their bags when they check in online. The school is not responsible for paying for checked bags.

  • IELTS, ACT exams, passport trips, Medical/Psychological Assessments and other miscellaneous trips will be billed at $45/hour.

Medical Appointments

Doctors, Specialists, Dentists, Orthodontists, Eye-care, Massage, Chiropractor, Physiotherapy, etc.

Within the Cowichan Valley (Mill Bay - Shawnigan - Cobble Hill - Duncan) - $45 round trip

Victoria - $65 round trip (within 3 hours) +$25 / hour if over 3 hours

Appointments outside of the Cowichan Valley or Victoria will be billed at the hourly rate, $45/hr. If you would like a quote prior to the trip, please contact the Health Centre.

Travel Booking Options

The management of student travel is an important task and related to student safety. Brentwood’s travel system in MySchool (Parent Portal) is designed to help the School manage student transport to and from Vancouver Island points of entry at the ferry terminals and airports over School breaks. As outlined in your Informed Consent package, parents are given options for the management of travel to and from the School.

Option 1: Parent Managed Travel

This option requires that parents/guardians book their son or daughter’s travel. Throughout the school year, parents/guardians need to login to our MySchool (Parent Portal) to provide travel details (departure, arrival times, and flight or ferry information).

This information will be used by our transportation coordinator, teachers, house parents and other aspects of the school operation to ensure the safe arrival and departure to and from campus.

Option 2: School Managed Travel (Marlin Travel Partner)

This option allows Brentwood to provide Marlin Travel with a list of students and their travel needs. Brentwood has partnered with Marlin Travel to ensure the safety of your son or daughter.

Parents still need to log into MySchool (Parent Portal) and enter their child’s travel information. Marlin Travel will connect with parents/guardians who select this option to manage flights to ensure cost effective travel options.

Marlin Travel

Phone: 250-748-2594 toll free: 1 800-748-2594


For travel related questions please contact